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Estate Sales

Estate Liquidation


What do you offer? We offer a service that sells all items in your home. Remember to not pre-donate. Everything may be sellable. Our sales last for three days: The first day is 100%, the 2nd day the items are marked down 20% and the 3rd day they are reduced to 50%. Remaining items are then donated.


How do you charge for your service? We charge 20-50% on a sliding scale. This includes everything associated with organizing your sale, professional signage (if allowed by community), and pricing, researching your items, sales staff and cashier. Set up fee may be charged.


Advertising costs: $250 is the cost to advertise in local newspapers, online, and email to members. We also have an email list that we use for your sale.


Are there any upfront fees? No upfront fees. The fees are taken out after the sale is complete.


How do you price my items? Research and past knowledge of items sold.


Is there a cost to our first meeting? Your first meeting is just a consulting meeting and is free. It last between 60-90 minutes.


Can you help me sell my house? Yes. We do painting, carpeting and minor repairs. We also help you find a trusted Realtor to help you sell your home.


Reasons for an estate sale could be downsizing, moving to a new home, or an Executor needs help with household liquidation. We provide all the services that you need.   


Next Steps is a professional estate and household liquidating business.  If you are downsizing, moving out of state, inheriting an estate, or just need help or advice on liquidating your items we are your solution. 


Your home will be broom clean, ready to be put on the market.


Signage is used where appropriate. We have directional signs for drive-by traffic where allowed.


Arrange for Unsold Goods to be Donated and will provide you with a receipt for these goods for your tax records..




(937) 718-1729

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